Hardwood flooring is a fantastic choice for your home

Choosing hardwood flooring means you prefer elegance and timelessness that match almost any existing décor option. But they also mean that lifespan and value are important to you as well, with products that last more than 100 years with care. To find out more about these materials, read along with these facts.

Solid or engineered wood flooring?

Hardwood comes in two specific categories, including solid and engineered wood flooring, and one is likely to work better for you and your requirements than the other. Solid hardwood is the classic choice, with a through-body material content, impressive durability, and the most extended lifespan in this product line. In addition, it gives you more species, color, and finish options and can be refinished more than engineered options.

Engineered floors are constructed of layers of plywood with a veneer of natural wood on top and are an excellent addition to below-grade rooms. These materials stand up to dampness, moisture, and temperature changes better than solid wood, with stunning results offering up to 30 years of life. These floors are also a fantastic addition to homes with pets, children, or both, so be sure to consider what they can do for you.

No matter which options you choose, both materials require acclimation before installation to avoid the possibility of warping, cracking, splitting, or peeling. Hardwood flooring can also be refinished to erase decades of wear and abuse and create a new finish. If you’d like to discuss options that will work for your preferences and requirements, be sure to visit our showroom to speak with a flooring specialist today.

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